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PRF RACE. Rich Fibrin Platelet:

What's PRF‘? Is it always effective’? not all the time’!
The latest innovations (LSCC, Sticky Bone, PomPac, PomCol)
The Oxidative Stress: mechanism & management

In the field of wound healing, the PRF since its publication in 2001(Joseph Choukroun) has raised growing interest among dental surgeons.
PRF induces accelerated healing of soft and hard tissues. (1350 publications)
The numerous protocols of use, which must obey precise rules, have been constantly improved.
However, natural healing or healing with PRF requires certain conditions and cannot take place without an adequate performance of the different biological cascades that occur in the cells.

Oxidative stress is a physio-pathological phenomenon that will inhibit the cells to perform correctly.
This oxidative stress affects both soft tissue cells and bone cells. Bone resorption is the result of bone oxidation: inhibition of osteoblasts and activation of osteoclastogenesis. It will cause bone grafts to fail. PRF cannot be really effective if the patient is in oxidative stress, even if it's a powerful anti-oxidant.
Because we learn more from our failures than from our successes, 4 chapters of this course are dedicated to healing failures related to the oxidative stress: biological abnormalities (smoking, diabetes), soft tissue oxidative stress, bone and bone grafts oxidation.

The last chapter will introduce the Over Concept: It will help you to prevent complications and to achieve predictable and reproducible results.
54 Questions and Answers will help you to better understand certain aspects in all areas of PRF use and oxidative stress management.

Course outlines:

    • Chapter 01. PRF: Definition, mode of action, protocols.______________________________________   Duration : 1h 18min
    • Chapter 02. PRF: Clinical effects. Indications & Clinical use. ___________________________________  Duration: 53 minutes
    • Chapter 03. PRF Injectable. Questions & Answers about PRF (29)_________________________________ Duration: 43 minutes
    • Chapter 04. Biologic conditions for wound healing. The Oxidative Stress.____________________________  Duration: 45 minutes
    • Chapter 05. The Soft Tissue 'Oxidative Stress'.____________________________________________  Duration: 1h 16min
    • Chapter 06. The Bone 'Oxidative Stress'.________________________________________________  Duration: 1h 06min
    • Chapter 07. Bone grafts 'Oxidative Stress'._______________________________________________  Duration: 1h 01min
    • Chapter 08. Synthesis & Conclusions. Over Concept. Q&A about Oxidative Stress: (25)______________________ Duration: 30 min

Dr. Joseph Choukroun
  • MD, University of Montpellier, France 1979
  • Specialist in Anesthesiology & Pain management, University of Strasbourg, France
  • Owner of Private Pain Clinic, Nice France
  • President of SYFAC, international symposium on growth factors,
  • Inventor of the PRF techniques: L-PRF, A-PRF & i-PRF
  • Author of several scientific publications
  • International speaker
  • Limbă: Engleză
  • Numărul maxim de participanți: N/A
  • Event Manager: Denisa Robe - 0721.256.652
  • Email:
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Pack Online : PRF Course And Phlebotomy – English

Pack Online : PRF Course And Phlebotomy – English

Pack Online : PRF Course And Phlebotomy – English

Workshop ONLINE susținut de Dr. Joseph Choukroun (Franța)

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